Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Creative Outlet

pink sequin cardigan Forever 21, white tank top GAP, skirt Heather purchased at the Beauty Spot Spa and Boutique Orlando FL, leopard print flats Target, Aviators unknown

This year feels different. The anticipation to create is keeping me up at night, yet I have difficulty pinpointing the area of focus. I have long daydreamed of being a fashion muse, a potter, a jewelry designer, a writer. After spending the past five years working in a stable career with no creative outlet and lacking a passion for it I have decided to finally cut the red tape and expose my vulnerable self to the ideas of my dreams. That is why my New Year’s Resolution list will be quite longer this year. I have started this blog to have the creative outlet that I have longed for. Being afraid of failure is a really poor reason to postpone one’s dreams. It’s like saving your favorite perfume for a special occasion, when the truth is every day is special.


  1. Thanks! I checked out your blog, love your style, especially the nose ring. Feel free to give me some feed back because I'm just figuring this all out.

    :) Kelly